It’s a good bet that 2023 will be another unpredictable year for Java and application technology. But that won’t stop us from trying.

Our best Java experts are strapping colanders on their heads, gazing into their crystal balls, peering into the future. They are seeing security, application performance, Java in the cloud, and cloud cost optimization. The pictures are becoming clearer.

Read on for the full list of predictions for 2023. We can’t guarantee accuracy, but it’s fun to try.

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What's next for Java?

The Top 7 Java Predictions for 2023

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"Published and publicly available APIs are the 'tip of the iceberg': They represent a minority (sometimes as little as 15%) of the APIs produced by an organization. Most of the API attack surface consists of APIs used by web and mobile applications, API-to-API traffic (such as microservice traffic), and APIs exposed to employees or partners."

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