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224% ROI and payback in under 3 months for Azul Zing.
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Slash your Java support costs as much as 90%!
We make it easy, safe and secure.

Email BD at [email protected] to find out how your business can benefit from this Azul partner program.

Azul’s Certified Technical Partner Program provides the unique technology software and hardware vendors need to differentiate their solutions and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. As an Azul Tech Partner, ISVs/IHVs gain access to valuable tools and resources that will improve license revenue, increase sales opportunities, boost software margins and accelerate deal closures. The program enables software and hardware vendors to certify and optimize their products on Azul JVMs and leverage joint marketing and sales opportunities with Azul and other ecosystem partners. Through a multi-tier program offering that combines other Azul partner programs, ISVs/IHVs can certify their products with Azul runtimes, leverage co-marketing and co-sales opportunities with Azul or bundle/OEM Azul JVMs with their Java software or hardware solutions.

By providing their customers with a choice in Java runtimes, Azul partners can better meet the needs of their enterprise customers and gain a sustainable competitive advantage over product and deployments on traditional JVMs.

Azul Zing provides partners with:

  • Improved application responsiveness
  • Reduced application latency
  • Elimination of response time outliers
  • Support for large, in-memory data stores
  • Elastic scalability with memory heaps that can grow based on real-time demand
  • Dramatically simplified application deployments
  • Reduced customer TCO
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Azul Zulu Enterprise and Zulu Embedded provide partners with:

  • Plug-and-play “open source” replacement for Oracle HotSpot
  • Certified “Java SE compliant” and verified “GPLv2 with CPE” builds of OpenJDK
  • Single vendor support for multi-platform JVM (Windows, Linux, Mac, x86, ARM, PPC)
  • Flexible, business-friendly support models with zero-time Java updates and security patches
  • Continuous access to older versions of Java (Java 6, 7 and 8)
  • Tailored builds and packages to meet your specific needs (Compact profiles, OS specific installers, specific Java patch levels, 32- and  64-bits, etc)

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