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Why Replace the Oracle JDK with OpenJDK? 
Join Java Champion Simon Ritter.

GC Impact on application performance

Garbage Collection Impact on Application Performance

Part 1 of the Java Performance series discussed why Low Latency is Critical and its effect on application performance. In that article, the relationship between latency and application performance is…

Category: Low Latency Java

Kevin Farnham
Dec 8, 2020

low latency

Why Low Latency is Critical and its effect on Application Performance

A lot has changed since Java and the JVM were created in the mid-1990s. The invention of Java solved an important problem that caused developers to spend enormous time coping…

Category: Azul Zing

Kevin Farnham
Nov 10, 2020

Forrester Azul Report

Forrester Study Reveals Total Economic Impact of Azul Zing

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study describing how innovative technology companies utilized Azul Zing to reduce hardware expenses, increase the performance and scalability of JVM applications, and reduce…

Category: Azul Zing

Kevin Farnham
Sep 22, 2020

Java Licensing

Java Licensing Changes – Impact on Enterprises and Start-Ups

Java has a fairly long history, which is well-documented in Simon Ritter’s article A Quarter of a Century of Java. While Java’s history hasn’t the time span of languages like…

Category: Java

Kevin Farnham
Sep 16, 2020

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