As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud deployments and distributed applications, real-time visibility into software vulnerabilities is critical. The Java platform, one of the most widely deployed programming languages, is no exception. But with the broad-based OpenJDK developer community, the platform has been able to adapt to fast-changing IT conditions.

Now, Azul, a leading provider of Java runtime solutions, has introduced its Vulnerability Detection service. This real-time scanning service helps clients identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their Java infrastructure across environments via Java virtual machines.

Azul's Vulnerability Detection service scans all Java virtual machines in real-time, detecting known vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations for remediation. By providing this service, Azul helps enterprises reduce the risk of software vulnerabilities and protect their Java infrastructure.

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Azul Enhances Java Platform with Vulnerability Detection

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"Published and publicly available APIs are the 'tip of the iceberg': They represent a minority (sometimes as little as 15%) of the APIs produced by an organization. Most of the API attack surface consists of APIs used by web and mobile applications, API-to-API traffic (such as microservice traffic), and APIs exposed to employees or partners."

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