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Azul Evangelizes the Benefits of Java Across Europe

Azul will be engaging technical audiences and providing insight into the evolution of Java, OpenJDK, Cassandra deployments and advances in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology, at a series of speaking engagements across Europe in March 2016.

For further details on the conferences and what Azul’s senior technical team will be discussing, see below:

Riga Dev Day
2-4 March,Riga
Keynote – 2 March, 10.10 – 11.00
Simon Ritter, Azul’s Deputy CTO, delivers the Riga Dev Day keynote session on “Open Source and OpenJDK: Do They Deliver”.
Later that day, 11.30 – 12.30, Simon is also presenting on “Faster Java by Adding Structs (Sort Of)”.

Voxxed Days Zurich
3 March, Zurich
On 3 March, 15.40 – 16.30, Simon Ritter will be speaking about “Faster Java by Adding Structs (Sort Of)”.

QCon London
7-9 March, London
At QCon, Azul’s CTO, Gil Tene, and Azul’s Deputy CTO, Simon Ritter, will be delivering a number of sessions:
7 March, 11.50 – 12.40, Simon will be speaking about “Project Jigsaw in JDK 9: Modularity Comes To Java”.
8 March, 14.55 – 15.45, Gil will discuss “Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory”.
9 March, 11.50 – 12.40, Gil returns to the stage to present on “Cassandra in Response Time Sensitive Environments”.

8-10 March, Brühl
On 9 March, 15.00 – 15.40, Simon will be presenting in Germany on “Faster Java by Adding Structs (Sort Of)”.

Women Who Code
22 March, London
Simon Ritter will be talking about “Modularity in Java 9 (Project Jigsaw)”.

For a complete list of Azul Systems events, visit: https://www.azul.com/news-events/events.

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