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Advanced Runtime Time Management

Azul Launches Java-based Advanced Runtime Time Management

Apr 1, 2015 | 3 MIN READ

One week ago, Azul Systems announced Zulu® Embedded, a highly tailorable, small-footprint version of Zulu, its open source build of OpenJDK. Today, Azul is leveraging this technology as a key component of its first strategic entry into the personal productivity sphere within the Internet of Things (IoT).

Introducing aWatch™ an IoT-based personal appliance from Azul Systems

Since its founding, Azul has been focused on helping the enterprise meet its business needs more efficiently. With aWatch, Java developers, DevOps teams, operations, support, and QA organizations will have more time to devote to delivering compelling systems which will drive new revenues and change support paradigms throughout the industry.

Azul’s Unique Time Management and Tracking Options Deliver a Competitive Edge

“When we started brainstorming for our next product family, we wished we had more hours in a day,” said Azul Systems co-founder and CTO Gil Tene. “Then early one morning I realized that with the right technology, we could easily surpass the 12-14 hours per day our engineering teams were devoting to the problem. By re-tuning the internal clock within each aWatch prototype, initially we were able to remain productive for up to 32 hours within what had traditionally been an 8-hour timespan.”

“When smart people devote more hours to a problem, you make more progress,” added Scott Sellers, Azul Systems CEO. “Quite frankly, by adjusting the right metrics we can deliver new innovation for more hours each day, without impacting the fatigue levels of our key engineers. Plus, there’s no longer a need to keep funding our research into time travel – since aWatch simply spins faster, we get to the future sooner than our short-sighted competition with their traditional 24-hour days.”

Initial versions of Azul’s aWatch are fully IoT-ready, and support a variety of communication protocols using both standard and custom clocking functions. Additionally, Azul aWatch wearers can easily send Zip files containing up to 48 hours via third-party time gateways to the Cloud for storage and later retrieval.

Pricing and Availability

Version 1.0 of aWatch is scheduled to ship in early Q2. A business travel edition is also in beta testing. Tentatively called zWatch, this device enables executives to move from time zone to time zone within seconds, simply by the adjustment of a unique built-in hour-tracking indicator.

Detailed options and pricing for aWatch will be available by April 15, 2015. And possibly even sooner.

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