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Azul Inspector – know your Java environment

Azul Inspector – know your Java environment

Oct 20, 2014 | 2 MIN READ

If you’ve been running Java applications for a while, you know it’s easy to lose track of what JVM settings were used on each instance and other details of the application runtime environment. One of our field engineers, Eric Gudgion, developed Azul Inspector (AI) to solve this problem. It works with any JVM to provide a list of system settings, but can also be used in a ‘monitor’ mode.

Azul Inspector collects JMX and operating system output at the hardware, process and network level and can monitor process and network commands. We ask every company that is piloting Zing to run AI and send us the output before we start. It’s a great way to ensure the environment is compatible with Zing, and we can help the customer fix non-JVM issues to help optimize performance. AI is very handy if you have an application that is experiencing issues and you need to quickly review system settings to see if any of those are at fault.

AI continues to improve, so if you haven’t downloaded it in a while I encourage you to get a new copy. For example, when we released Zulu Docker support, Eric added a feature to AI to collect Docker configuration data with insights into the top processes running in the containers.

This tool has been around for quite a while, and we just posted version 30 to our website. It’s free to download and use. Once you try it, let us know if you have suggestions for improvements. We’re always looking for ways to make it better.

And of course, if you haven’t tried Zing® our advanced Java runtime with your applications yet, we strongly encourage you to do so! It requires far less tuning and takes a lot of the sensitivity out of those JVM settings.

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