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Azul Platform Prime JDK 17 Feature Preview

Looking to try out JDK 17 on Azul Platform Prime? Then try our Azul Platform Prime JDK 17 Feature Preview. JDK 17 is feature complete in this Feature Preview but we have not finished doing performance optimization. So you can try out all of the new language features but do not try to do performance comparisons of JDK 17 versus older versions until our General Availability release later this year.

JDK 17 is the first LTS release since JDK 11 and provides a range of both new Java language features and class libraries. Probably the most significant language change is the introduction of records, which eliminates almost all the boiler-plate code previously required for simple data classes. Looking at the libraries, the Foreign Memory and Foreign Function APIs are a much simpler way of using libraries developed in different languages than the old JNI approach.

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