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Introducing the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit

Introducing the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit

Aug 19, 2014 | 2 MIN READ

Here at Azul, we think that your Java apps should run the same whether they are using Oracle Hotspot or Azul Zulu® (OpenJDK™). However some people have found use cases where the differences between the closed-source Oracle Hotspot and open source Zulu can cause operational issues.

In order to ensure maximum compatibility with Oracle Hotspot, on August 19, 2014 Azul released a Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) for Zulu. This Kit contains additional functionality that is not included in the OpenJDK source, but which will help ensure compatibility in applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundles into Hotspot.

The CCK is free and can be added easily to Zulu as part of your normal upgrade or update process. Simply choose and download the CCK version that matches your operating system and Zulu installer type (for example zip or rpm).

With the Zulu CCK, Azul offers you a choice – if you prefer to remain 100% open source, you simply continue to download and use Zulu as before, without deploying the CCK. However, if you are interested in specific JVM features that until now have been unique to Oracle Hotspot,now you also can choose to deploy the CCK with Zulu. The Kit is free to download and use for both development and production, but it does contain proprietary software which requires click-through acceptance of additional license terms.

The initial version of the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit includes the Lucida font family from Monotype™. Azul will continue to extend the capabilities of the Commercial Compatibility Kit based upon customer and partner feedback.

Ready to get started? You can download the CCK here.

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