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Latest Zing Shortens Java Warm Up Cycles for Trading Apps

Latest Zing Shortens Java Warm Up Cycles for Trading Apps

Jul 7, 2015 | 3 MIN READ

Real-time analytics, Big Data, and Ecommerce applications all gain from updated Java Runtime

The latest release of Zing, version 15.05, includes ReadyNow!™ enhancements which reflect customer feedback, product-wide support of 1TB heap sizes and a broad array of performance fixes focusing on quality, performance and scalability.

ReadyNow™ delivers improved startup performance

Key ReadyNow! enhancements in Zing 15.05 concern preloading and precompiling classes (aka Pre-JIT) to enable a faster “time to peak” performance. In addition, operations teams can now watch the progress of the ProfileReport during a run to help pinpoint progress through class compilation using jstat.

Use the memory you need – without fearing GC

Zing has been providing early access support for 1TB memory heaps at customer sites since Autumn 2014. Key use cases include real-time risk and payments fraud detection systems. Zing 15.05 expands 1TB support to general availability. Azul’s focus remains on supporting today’s applications with Java heaps ranging from 1 GB to 1TB – all without the penalty of long pauses common in Garbage Collection (GC) modes of legacy JVMs.

Improved support for third-party monitoring tools

Zing 15.05 also includes an improved Zing MXBean monitoring interface that allows customers to use one tool or framework to monitor Zing, Zulu, HotSpot or any other JMX-compliant application. Historically, general purpose Java Management Extensions (JMX) monitoring tools, such as MBeans or MXBeans, have gathered statistics from Zing but frequently missed, or misinterpreted, important information on how the JVM was performing. To remedy this, Azul has custom-built Zing MXBean and enhanced it in version 15.05 to ensure Zing is easier to monitor as part of a company’s overall IT strategy.

Other notable enhancements in Zing 15.05 include:

Remember, Zing 15.05 complies with the Java SE standard for Java 8, 7 and 6. To see first-hand how Zing can help improve the stability or scalability of your application, start here: www.azul.com/trial

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