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Linxa Signs OEM Agreement with Azul Systems

Linxa Signs OEM Agreement with Azul Systems

Sep 9, 2014 | 2 MIN READ

Linxa, a provider of interconnect business optimization solutions to telecom carriers and operators, has signed an OEM agrrement with Azul to integrate Zing® into its telecom voice switch solutions to dramatically improve response time consistency and reduce maximum latencies to under 25 milliseconds.

Linxa has developed a routing distribution algorithm that decreases interconnect costs by up to 20%, while significantly increasing call quality to Tier 1 carriers and operators. Its algorithms calculate key performance indicators, simplify call rating, optimize routing, and process call data in near real time to increase business efficiencies and improve network performance. However, to ensure that their products operate in near real time consistently and meet carriers’ service level requirements, Linxa needed to integrate a better Java runtime – a runtime that wouldn’t freeze for 10s of seconds or even minutes. Following extensive Java Virtual Machine (JVM) testing on heaps of up to 256 GBs, Linxa was able to reduce application and garbage collection pauses from 3 minutes to under 25 milliseconds using Azul’s Zing Java runtime.

In the telecoms industry most service providers have built significant infrastructure based on Java. This includes web customer portals, online stores, integrations between systems and a variety of proprietary applications. These applications, in turn, rely on the capabilities of the underlying JVM. Conventional JVMs are not well suited for the low latency and strict service level requirements of the modern telecoms industry. Zing eliminates runtime inconsistency and allows Java applications to scale in both memory and CPU resources without inducing JVM-related pauses.

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