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Now you can get a better JVM for Java 8 – Zing 14.09 is live

Now you can get a better JVM for Java 8 – Zing 14.09 is live

Sep 29, 2014 | 3 MIN READ

This is an important release for everyone starting to migrate to Java 8 with the Java 7 EOL looming in April 2015. Zing is fully Java SE compliant, tested using the Java Technical Compatibility Kit, making this a great opportunity to move your applications to a better JVM with better metrics, one that is designed to deliver consistent low latency and a great user experience for data intensive, web-scale interactive and Big Data applications.

This release also delivers the “holy grail” for solving Java warm-up issues.  In working with customers in a variety of industries, we kept hearing, “Why can’t my app start up today using the same optimizations it learned through the end of yesterday?” Before this release of Zing ReadyNow!, the answer was “don’t shut down overnight,” which didn’t fit many businesses operations. Now the answer is simply “store the state today and restore it tomorrow.” We are calling this feature “cross-run profiles”. Each profile saves optimization decisions and applies them immediately on application startup.  In earlier versions ReadyNow! reduced de-optimization and gave developers more control over compilation. With this release, ReadyNow! is essential for any application that needs to start at high performance and maintain that performance in spite of changes in load.

For example, stock trading firms can load the final optimizations from yesterday’s trading day and start their trading application already optimized. Retailers could use this feature to save optimizations from Cyber Monday last year and use those as the starting point this year – avoiding potential transaction slow downs when hordes of shoppers are buying. ReadyNow! is a feature unique to Zing, joining pauseless garbage collection, our zero-overhead diagnostic tool Zing Vision and Zing’s unshakable reliability as reasons you should be using Zing and no other JVM for your business.

Zing now also supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and greater and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This release also adds a late-binding link feature that takes advantage of DKMS. Now you can rapidly turn around changes for nearly any modern Linux kernel, particularly those adjacent to currently supported platforms or for those distros that revise the kernel frequently such as Ubuntu.

All of these new features are free for you to try with your applications in your environment. Just  request a free trial copy of Zing. You’ll be amazed at how much more your Java applications can do and what it does for your business.

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