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Zulu (our build of OpenJDK) is live on Docker!

Zulu (our build of OpenJDK) is live on Docker!

Sep 23, 2014 | 2 MIN READ

Earlier today we issued a press release highlighting the availability of Zulu on Docker. 

Why did we create Docker container files for Zulu? Turns out there are lots of reasons.

The state of Java within the Docker registry has been somewhat scattered. If you searched under Java or OpenJDK you’d typically encounter one of two scenarios — links to Oracle’s proprietary HotSpot (not open source, by the way), or links to a number of OpenJDK registry entries.

In the OpenJDK sphere, there are a variety of builds — however it is unclear if any of these binaries have passed the community TCKs — and while the list of companies who have access is published here on the OpenJDK website — the list is pretty brief.

What Azul has done is provide Zulu — our fully-tested, certified builds of OpenJDK — on Docker. Our Zulu distributions comply with the Java SE standard for Java 8, 7, and 6 — the main versions of Java in use today. We also happen to be the ONLY supported build of Java 8 on Docker — and we know that lots of developers are moving rapidly to Java 8 for its compelling new language features.

Our Zulu distributions (on Docker, the Azul website, and the Microsoft Azure cloud) are free and 100% open source. You can download, re-distribute, and use Zulu anywhere you need Java. And if you need enterprise-grade JVM support, check out Zulu Enterprise, our premium-level support offering for Zulu.

Got any questions about Zulu on Docker? You can post them here on this blog post, or on the Zulu Community site — whichever is easier, we monitor both.

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