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DevOps Engineer

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia / Prague, Czech Republic


We are looking for a DevOps engineer to join our development team. You will work closely with development, performance analysis, and QA groups and your results will be crucial for timely and high-quality decision making as well as the efficiency of the whole company.


  • Solid understanding of software development process and modern practices, continuous integration, popular tools and platforms used for automation in this area
  • Passion for automation, tools development, convenient representation of analytical data
  • Strong experience in scripting: Shell, Python, JS
  • Good knowledge of Java, Java development experience will be a plus
  • Strong operational experience with the Linux environment
  • Solid understanding of L[23] network concepts
  • Good knowledge of popular CI/CD frameworks (Jenkins, Buildbot, other) and configuration management tools (Ansible, Terraform, etc.)
  • Experience with containers/PaaS (Docker, Kubernetes) and IaaS platforms (mainly AWS and OpenStack)
  • Git / Mercurial experience
  • Knowledge of make-based build systems will be a plus
  • English: read/write technical documentation, communicate efficiently with a globally distributed team via emails and phone calls
  • Quick learner, self-driven, team player with good common sense and communication skills


  • Maintenance and development of the internal continuous integration platform
  • Defining packaging and deployment scenarios for the new generation of the company’s products
  • Maintenance and further evolution of the product’s build environment
  • Maintenance and development of the infrastructure and tools for processing, analysis, and convenient representation of product metrics
  • Development
  • Development of other tools critical for the productivity of the development teams, automation of development process elements and routine activities
  • Collaboration with other teams to implement most efficient devops practices and relevant frameworks and tools

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