Senior Software Engineer (JVM GC + Runtime)

Sunnyvale, CA


This will be a great opportunity to work on the award winning Zing Virtual Machine and C4 collector, which eliminates outliers associated with stop-the-world collectors and guarantees consistent response times even with terabytes of Java heap.

You will be a key member of the Zing runtime group responsible for Zing’s C4 Garbage Collector and runtime.

You will be part of a team of passionate engineers who are driven to make Zing the best Java Virtual Machine for enterprise applications.


  • Strong C/C++ coding skills
  • Solid experience in working with multi-threaded applications
  • Strong background in debugging complex race conditions
  • Strong communication skills
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field

Preferred Experience:

  • Knowledge of Java Virtual Machines and Garbage Collectors
  • Experience developing Garbage Collectors is a big plus
  • Masters Degree in Computer Science or related field


As a senior member of the team, a person in this role will provide thought leadership in defining goals for the future of the C4 collector and work on features and maintenance of Zing’s C4 collector and Zing VM runtime. Work with product management, CTO and others to understand the competitive landscape and market needs to come up with innovative solutions to drive down latencies and tune the performance of the C4 collector and runtime. Help achieve the best possible performance and latency characteristics for applications running on Zing.

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