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Catch New Zulu Embedded Demos @JavaOne 2015

Catch New Zulu Embedded Demos @JavaOne 2015

Oct 23, 2015 | 3 MIN READ

This year Azul is showcasing several new demos for embedded and IoT at JavaOne 2015 in San Francisco.  Azul has partnered with Microsoft, BitReactive, and Object Computing to demonstrate how Java developers can build real-life IoT applications.  Things that were considered only possible by programming with Assembly or C/C++ on embedded devices are now possible with Java.

Zulu Embedded on Intel Edison, Galileo, and Minnowboard Max – With the growth of the Internet of Things, developers are more and more confronted with a multitude of edge devices or gateways, presenting a wide variety of operating system, communications technologies or other proprietary characteristics. With Zulu Embedded, Azul offers an abstraction from the underlying device characteristics while offering near-realtime capabilities, running on all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, Yocto Linux, and many others.  At JavaOne Azul will showcase Zulu Embedded running on Intel Edison, Galileo, and Minnowboard Max.

Remote controlled robot vehicle – Developers can now build applications that can physically communicate and control I/Os using Java on Microsoft Windows. Developers prefer to have many development and deployment choices, and now they can choose Java on Windows as one of the options for building premier IoT and embedded solutions.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) in a Box – Azul and Object Computing (OCI) have partnered to showcase a use case for industrial IoT where data from edge devices are moved and analyzed in near-realtime, all using technologies based on open source and Java.  The demo includes Zulu Embedded, various physical sensors, MQTT messaging, Pronghorn, Netty, and Web UI running on Intel Edison.

Reactive Blocks  – Azul has partnered with Bitreactive to showcase visual application development for IoT.
Leveraging Bitreactive’s Reactive Blocks plugin for Eclipse, application developers are able to abstract complex layers and reuse off-the-shelf ‘building blocks’ that implement protocol stacks, data encryption or provide connectivity to cloud services.

The combined solution lets developers, including those who don’t belong to the rare breed of embedded software specialists, easily build proof of concept applications and minimize overall development efforts. With Zulu Embedded and visual coding leveraging Bitreactive’s IoT libraries, developers can drastically improve time to market.

Come see Zulu Embedded, a remote controlled robot vehicle, IIoT in a Box, and Reactive Blocks in action at JavaOne, booth 5107 on Oct 26-28, 2015!

Note: We still have free passes to the keynotes and the exhibit hall — if you’d like to attend please send a note to [email protected].

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