Igniting In-Memory Performance with GridGain and Zing

  There is a simple reality in computing, which is that accessing data from memory is significantly faster than from disk. It’s just physics. Hard disk drives spin and use a moving head to read and write data to the disk via changes in the magnetic field. Despite high spin speeds and small heads, there…

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Java Performance Mythbusters

Java is the most popular application development platform on the planet, but that doesn’t always mean its simple to understand. Certainly not from the point of view of performance. Unlike most other platforms there is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that introduces an additional layer between your application code and the physical machine on which…

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Heisenberg, Myoclonic Jerks of the Diaphragm and Java

I studied physics at university and one of the hardest, but most interesting, subjects was quantum mechanics. As part of this, we studied the famous Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal, which is also associated with the “Observer Effect”. Essentially, what this says is that the act of observing something (at the sub-atomic level) changes what you’re observing…

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