A New Day, A New JDK!

Today is the day! After a [rather long] wait, JDK 9 is finally here! JDK 9 has plenty of new features (you can find more details in my presentation, “55 New Features in JDK 9”) but, from a developers perspective doesn’t quite have the excitement we had with JDK 8 and the introduction of Lambda

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JDK 9: XXtra Command Line Options

In my last blog entry on JDK 9 compatibility, I included a list of the command line options that had been removed between JDK 8 and JDK 9. For this blog, I thought I’d do the inverse and look at the new command-line options available in JDK 9. I’m going to limit things to the

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JDK 9: Pitfalls For The Unwary

  JDK 9 is in the final phases of development, heading towards release on September 21st. The public review consideration ballot for the Java Platform Module System was passed [almost] unanimously, and so everything is now back on track. You can download the Azul Zulu builds of (Early Access) OpenJDK 9 here. Recently I’ve been doing

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Faster Java: Do We Really Want It?

Last week I was at the Voxxed Days Bristol event, which was as enjoyable as last year. Bristol appears to have a lot of developers, and there is clearly a thriving startup community there. As ever, there is plenty of interest in Java. Originally, I had been scheduled to deliver my talk on “55 new Features in

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Crouching Duke, Hidden Java

  One of the things I love about my job is the fact that I get to meet developers from all over the world. A while back I sat down and figured out that, during my career, I’ve spoken about Java to audiences in 57 countries (and I’m always looking for new places to go).

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Is An Agile Java Standard Possible?

  This week we had one of the three face-to-face meetings that the JCP executive committee (EC) has each year. This is only my second meeting of this format; despite my long history with Java it’s interesting to see the way things work from this perspective. Since the minutes of the meeting have not yet

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