Apache Cassandra Tuning

Reduce Tuning of Apache Cassandra™ 

Apache Cassandra™ offers excellent performance when properly configured. Often the tuning variables in the JVM layer leave Cassandra performance a time consuming challenge. In a benchmark study comparing response time performance of Azul Zing® and Oracle HotSpot®, while running Apache Cassandra™ at different throughput levels, Zing® showed how it was the only JVM that could ensure runtime consistency without stalling the application and contributing to runtime variations.

With Zing® as the runtime platform pauses and stalls can be eliminated. Deployments of Zing® are shown to be 14x to 51x better than similarly configured Oracle HotSpot® deployments at critical response levels like 99th through 99.9th percentiles. In addition, the Azul Zing® JVM offers:

  • Runtime consistency
  • Anywhere from 1GB up to 2TB live Java heap per JVM instance
  • Outstanding latency behavior up to 99.9th percentile, same as in the 90th

 Download the JVM Performance Study for more details.

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