Developing Embedded Java Application

Building and Supporting Embedded Java Applications

Developing an embedded Java application requires a highly technical team with a commitment to rigorous testing standards. Azul, the only company whose exclusive focus is Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) more than meets those requirements.

Azul now offers Zulu® Embedded, a certified build of OpenJDK™. These builds are highly customizable, allowing for specification of target operating system, underlying hardware architecture, bitness, and overall footprint. In addition, the QA team at Azul performs exhaustive compatibility testing for each Zulu® Embedded build, which are:

  • Easy to deploy - certified Java SE, requiring no coding changes to applications
  • Supported for at least 10 years after each Java SE release
  • 100% open source - requiring no license fees

And with over 13 years of experience building and supporting Java in demanding environments, Azul is highly suited to the task of maintaining and supporting each Zulu® Embedded build. To learn more about developing embedded Java applications, download the data sheet today.

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