Download Java SE Runtime Environment

Download a supercharged Java Runtime

Java-based applications are used in many business-critical applications such as e-commerce sites and web portals, and companies rely on these key platforms to achieve their business objectives.  

With their heavy transaction loads and data-intensive operations, these applications increasingly come under pressure to deliver more capacity, a higher degree of consistency, at a lower TCO. Add to this the need to support virtualization and the latest Cloud technologies to acquire 'business agility', and it becomes clear why many IT organizations are struggling to keep up.

Unfortunately, conventional JVMs are limited in a number of ways that prevents them from supporting core business goals, as they rigidly fix memory allocation size, cannot adequately scale, show inconsistent behavior outside of a small operating range, or are ill-suited for performance-centric Cloud deployments.

A new approach is needed to free Java execution from the limitations of conventional JVMs and the rigidity of standard operating systems. This white paper reviews the current limitations of enterprise Java applications and the advantages of a highly innovative runtime that can provide guaranteed predictability, even under significant load.

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