Embedded Java

100% Open Source Embedded Java SE

Embedded Java is a set of Java technologies designed for programming computers with dedicated functions or embedded systems. Examples of these include retail POS systems, home and building automation, and manufacturing automation. Knowing how to customize the Java platform for a specific use can be difficult and achieving the high customization required might seem impossible.

Zulu Embedded, the 100% open source Java platform for dedicated applications, is fully certified and completely customizable. By being able to specify the target operating system, the bitness (32- or 64-bit), and the underlying hardware architecture, a Zulu Embedded build is fully configurable.

Other benefits of Zulu Embedded include:

  • Easy deployment - fully certified Java SE; coding changes to your applications are not required
  • 10 year support lifespan - builds are supported for at least 10 years, providing longevity for your product life cycle
  • Flexible pricing - can be based on flat fees, device counts, or percentages of revenue

For a 100% open source embedded Java SE built to your specifications, Zulu Embedded from Azul is unmatched. For additional details, download this data sheet.

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