Embedded Java Tiobe

Java Takes Top Spot in the Tiobe Index

The Tiobe programming community index reports on the popularity of programming languages. With updates each month, Tiobe keeps abreast of the latest trends in languages. The March 2016 index shows Java continues to maintain the top spot. This important as embedded Java is much more reusable and flexible than the traditional "C" that was used for embedded applications in the past.

Zulu Embedded from Azul is fully certified Java SE and requires no coding changes to your applications. This lower-cost solution (no licensing fees) is fully tested and ideal for existing and next generation designs. Zulu Embedded is built to order and features:

  • 32- or 64-bits
  • Headless or headful
  • Custom footprint

Java continues to be the most popular programming on the market according to the Tiobe Index. Partner with Azul for your Java embedded needs and let us construct a custom build just for you. Download our infographic for more details.

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