Garbage Collection

Pauseless Garbage Collection for Java applications

Conventional garbage collection approaches limit the scalability of Java applications. At large memory heap sizes of more than a few GB, garbage collection pause times become too long, causing noticeable delays in processing, which impact business as a result.

Business-critical applications such as e-commerce and web portals are increasingly based on the Java platform, and they demand access to large amounts of data and memory at runtime to support high user and transaction loads. Because of these resulting lengthy garbage collection pauses, Java applications quickly reach scalability barriers, and IT organizations spend hours tuning JVMs to the right amount of heap - too much and garbage collection pauses interrupt processing, and too little and the instance is out of memory and crashes.

Download this white paper to learn how you can continue processing while remapping memory by using 'concurrent compaction'.  As a result, Java applications can scale to tens of cores and hundreds of gigabytes of heap memory without degrading response time or application throughput.

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