Java 7

Combine the power of Java 7 with the freedom of open source

Azul Zulu is an enterprise-quality, certified build of OpenJDK that is free to download and 100% open source. It can be deployed across various operating systems, Docker containers, hypervisors and Cloud platforms. Companies, Java developers, systems administrators and end users can now enjoy the full benefits of freely available, 100% open source Java 7 with the comfort of world-class support provided by the only company fully dedicated to Java and the Java Virtual Machine.  

Zulu is verified compliant with the Java SE specifications using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit. Azul's subscription-based support with Zulu Enterprise provides an additional layer of support protection. Each major version enjoys a 10 year support lifetime, and our Java and JVM experts can help you resolve issues quickly.

Zulu Dockerfiles are simple to get and use and are available for a range of version options.

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