Java Embedded Footprint

Customizable Java Embedded Footprint

The Java embedded footprint becomes an issue when deploying in resource constrained environments. Fortunately, the customized builds from Azul are tailored to size.

Zulu® Embedded is the only fully certified, completely customizable 100% open source Java platform for devices and dedicated applications. Builds are either Java SE standard compliant or based on the Java 8 Compact Profiles. Both are performance optimized for embedded systems and feature:

  • Rigorous quality assurance testing
  • Support for at least 10 years after each Java SE release
  • Builds based on OS, hardware, footprint

Leverage industry-standard Java tools for development and profiling with Zulu® Embedded while eliminating worries about finding a Java embedded footprint suited to your application. Download our informative data sheet for more details.

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