Java Embedded Program

Java Embedded Solutions Based on OpenJDK

Are you in the market for a Java Virtual Machine that can be deployed in an embedded environment? One that doesn't require you to pay exorbitant licensing fees? A solution that supports each major Java release? 

Consider Azul's Zulu Embedded. Zulu is a fully customizable JVM for IoT and embedded environments with the following features and benefits:

  • 100% open source
  • Fully certified and standards compliant
  • Completely customizable to meet any device requirement
  • Updated and maintained for each major Java SE release
  • World-class support, with 13+ years of experience delivering support to F500 countries
  • Seamless migration from existing runtimes
  • Protection from IP contamination

Azul is the only company focused exclusively on Java and the Java VIrtual Machine (JVM). 

Download our Zulu Embedded data sheet for more details. 

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