Java For IoT

Affordable and Customized Java Platform For IoT

Have you built a device or system that requires Java-based embedded software, but are finding that the licensing is too expensive? Is the build not quite what you were hoping for? Java for IoT doesn't need to be difficult.

Zulu Embedded, the open source Java platform from Azul is completely customizable. Simply choose your Java version, operating system, hardware, and packaging - and your Zulu Embedded build can begin. This pure open source platform requires no license fees and is supported by a globally distributed team with more than 12 years of experience. Each platform configuration goes through rigorous testing to ensure that your needs are met. Other reasons to use Zulu Embedded as your Java platform for IoT include:

  • Build is maintained and supported for at least 10 years after each Java SE release
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Azul engineers have extensive Java experience

Partner with Azul for your Java for IoT needs. Zulu Embedded is everything you were hoping for and more. Review this slide presentation for more information.

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