Java For Microprocessors

Java Platform With Compact Footprint For Microprocessors

Many microprocessors require embedded builds with ultra-compact footprints. Finding a Java platform that is optimized for microprocessors and is fully certified and customizable is no longer an issue.

Zulu Embedded builds based on the Java 8 Compact Profiles are available for solutions that require a small footprint as well as those that are deployed in resource constrained environments. These builds are completely customizable and undergo exhaustive compatibility testing. Zulu Embedded's 100% open source offerings require no licensing fees, saving you money and eliminating the hassle of acquiring constrictive licenses. In addition, our Java platform for Microprocessors offers:

  • Flexible pricing - based on flat fees, percentage of revenue, or device counts
  • Easy deployment - certified Java SE, requiring no coding changes to your application
  • Experienced support staff - with over 13 years of mission-critical Java application experience

Explore your build options with Zulu Embedded, the Java platform for microprocessors that allows you to leverage the most recent advances in OpenJDK code base for embedded use. Download our data sheet for further details.

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