Java JVM Performance Tuning

Reducing JVM Performance Tuning 

Garbage collection and performance tuning are an integral component of application behavior with JVM, and many collection techniques exist. All of them involve trade offs, balancing requirements for throughput, space, responsiveness, and available memory at different scale levels.

A negative of most performance tuning options is the requirement for long application pauses, a result of the inevitable requirement to compact the heap to free up space. Different strategies are used to delay these events, but compaction is inevitable for all commercially available collectors with the exception of Azul C4, which deploys a strategy that completely avoids pauses.

By developing a deep understanding of performance tuning, Java developers can improve scalability, reliability and application performance, and make better choices about garbage collection options, which can result in major increases in application performance.

Download this white paper for more information about garbage collection and performance tuning options.

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