Java ME IoT

Replacing the Outdated Java ME IoT

In the past the IoT required Java ME Embedded® as their programming platform. Support and viability was often a concern. However, technology has evolved and now the majority of internet devices are able to run on Java SE. Perhaps it's time to think beyond Java ME.

Azul's Zulu® Embedded is a totally open source Java platform for dedicated applications and devices. Azul's more than 12 year history and global customer base are a testament to the high level of quality of the products. Your Zulu® Embedded custom build is engineered by a highly trained team and is:

  • Configured your way - according to OS, hardware, and packaging
  • Tested rigorously
  • Supported for at least 10 years after each Java SE release

If you are searching for a highly supported and customized Java platform for the IoT in place of the lackluster Java ME IoT platform, look no further than Zulu® Embedded. Download our data sheet to learn more.

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