Java On Intel Edison

Run Azul Zulu Embedded on Intel Edison Boards

Zulu Embedded is an OpenJDK build completely compliant with the Java SE standard. Every build is certified, and Azul's in-depth quality assurance processes.  It complies with the complete OpenJDK TCK Java compliance suite. Zulu Embedded is 100% open source and can be downloaded for free. Now you can enjoy the full benefits of open source java without license fees or field of use restrictions.

Zulu Embedded can be customized to meet the specific needs of your embedded device, including operating system, CPU architecture, bitness, disk and memory size, and Java patch level. 

Zulu Embedded also offers:

  • Extensive lifespan support
  • Early access to bug fixes and security updates
  • Assurances against open source licenses with viral-clause contamination
  • Patent indemnification
  • Flexible pricing models

Download Zulu Embedded for free.

Download Zulu Embedded Free

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