Java Performance Tuning

Eliminate the need for Java performance tuning

Java performance tuning and garbage collection have always been critical elements of managing Java platforms, and several tuning and garbage collection techniques exist. They all involve trade-offs, as they aim to balance requirements for space, throughput, responsiveness, and available memory across different levels of scale.

The key drawback of most of these techniques is that they require lengthy application pauses, a result of the inevitable need to free up space by compacting the heap.  Different strategies can be used to delay these events, but compaction is unavoidable for all collection methods available on the market, with the exception of one: Azul's C4. C4 deploys a strategy that avoids pauses altogether.

Java application performance can be enhanced if Java developers obtain a thorough understanding of the intricacies of performance tuning and the systems available on the market today which greatly simplify the performance tuning process.

Learn more about how you can reduce the time spent on Java performance tuning by downloading this white paper.

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