Consider updating your Java Runtime Environment - get the latest from Azul

The Java Runtime Environment (or JRE) is the component that powers every Java application. It offers a stable and proven foundation to host Java workloads. Not all JREs however behave the same. It is possible to update your JRE to Azul Zing®, a runtime environment able to provide superior consistency in the wake of increasing application loads. Your Java code does not change when you update to the JRE provided by Zing, by virtue of the machine independence of classes and JARs files and thanks to Azul's stringent adherence to Java Standard Edition standards in every Zing release.

This benchmark study compares the response time performance of two different Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), namely Zing and Oracle HotSpot®, while running Apache Cassandra at different throughput levels. All benchmark results were derived using the Cassandra-stress framework, a utility for load testing and benchmarking a Cassandra cluster, and the jHiccup Java Virtual Machine (JVM) measurement tool to capture response time details.

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