Java Virtual Machines Performance Comparison

Java Virtual Machines Performance Comparison

When making Java Virtual Machines performance comparisons it is crucial that you are aware of your operational requirements. Businesses looking to reduce response time and eliminate memory limitations need a highly performant JVM on their side.

To achieve the low latencies demanded by today's market, look to Azul's Zing®. The deployment of Zing® by utility companies, the gaming industry, capital markets, and ad exchanges is a testament to its value. With pauseless operation and predictable performance, Zing® is ideal for the heaviest loads operating under the tightest responsiveness constraints. DevOps teams and IT personnel reap the benefits of:

  • Pauseless operation
  • 100 percent Java SE compliance
  • Up to 2TB Java heap per JVM instance

Azul's Zing®, the obvious winner in the Java virtual machines performance comparison contest, is designed for fast allocations with no garbage collection penalty. Learn more about Zing® by downloading our performance study comparison.

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