Apache Cassandra JVM Benchmarking

Comparing Oracle HotSpot and Azul Zing Using Apache Cassandra

This benchmark analysis compares the response time performance of two Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), Azul's Zing and Oracle's HotSpot, running Apache Cassandra at several throughput levels. Benchmark results were arrived at using the Cassandra-stress framework, a utility for load testing and benchmarking a Cassandra cluster, and the jHiccup JVM measurement tool.

Testing methodology was set up to measure response time consistency based on percentiles and Cassandra application max outliers at a number of throughput rates. The benchmark was configured with three Cassandra data nodes and one load server. The jHiccup measurement tool was deployed to capture and display the response time distribution of the two JVMs for all benchmark runs.

Download the study to learn about the JVM Apache Cassandra benchmarking results.

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