JVM Garbage Collection Metrics

Monitoring JVM Garbage Collection Metrics

Transactional delays and session time-outs are driving more and more organizations with business-critical applications to seek a JVM garbage collector that is both predictable and consistent. 

There are multiple types of JVM garbage collection models on the market today and nearly all of them require compaction at some point, causing pauses which can be sizable depending on the heap size. 

However, the continuously concurrent model perfected by Azul and utilized in the Zing JVM never resorts to 'stop-the-world' reclamation. Its consistent and pauseless garbage collection process increases throughput while maximizing application performance. It also dynamically adjusts GC rate based on inbound allocation rate, and makes freed memory available quickly to the application.

With Zing, the only fully concurrent garbage collector model on the market today, it's no longer necessary to delay the inevitable. Zing eliminates the recurring headaches of tuning myriad switches and thresholds and delivers pauseless GC operation. Learn more by downloading our whitepaper today. 

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