JVM Garbage Collection Tuning

Continuous, Pauseless Garbage Collection (GC) for Java Applications

Conventional garbage collection approaches typically aren't designed for business-critical applications and their often heavy load requirements, causing noticeable delays in processing and impacting business. Azul's C4 (Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector) technology eliminates pause times even at very large heap sizes, allowing applications to continue processing while remapping memory.

Utilizing the Azul C4 (Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector) technology, Zing provides:

  • Predictable, consistent application response times and garbage collection behavior
  • The ability to smoothly scale to memory heap size of over 300 GB without pauses
  • Simplified deployment with fewer larger instances
  • Reduced GC and JVM tuning

With Zing's C4 technology, you will be able to scale to tens of cores and hundreds of GB of heap memory without degrading response time or application throughput.

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