Java on Windows for IoT 

Alternatives for IoT on Windows for Java applications.

Windows IoT Core provides a suitable platform for edge devices and gateways. Building on a history of small form factor Windows releases, IoT Core provides the latest in Windows 10 era platform and networking features. To take advantage of the rich ecosystem of Java application tools and libraries, consider Zulu for Windows ioT Core as your Java runtime.

  • Zulu for Windows IoT Core on Intel works on Atom, Edison, and Quark processors.
  • Zulu for Windows IoT Core on ARM is expected for late 2016 release.

Zulu is proven on Windows as the primary JRE for Azure, Windows Server, the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse, and other Microsoft initiatives in Java, including backend cloud services for IoT data management.

Review the Zulu Embedded datasheet for more insight.

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