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Microsoft Powers Java on Azure with Azul

Build and run production Java applications on Azure with no additional support costs.

  • In 2012, Microsoft wanted to offer Java on the Azure Cloud, unencumbered by complex licensing or end-user restrictions.
  • Microsoft partnered with Azul to provide fully compatible, fully supported, compliant commercial builds of Java SE available for Java developers on Microsoft Azure, for all long-term support (LTS) versions of Java, starting with Java SE 7, 8, and 11.
  • Through Microsoft’s collaboration with Azul, Azure and Azure Stack customers can use tested, certified Azul Platform Core builds of OpenJDK backed by Azure Support, at no additional cost and worry-free, by incorporating Azul’s quarterly security updates and bug fixes.
We’re pleased to work with Azul to support Java for our mutual customers, ensuring that customers can move forward to new versions of Java at their own pace, with confidence that they’ll be able to run on a compatible, supported, and secure Java platform for many years.

MORE JAVA for up to 90% less than Oracle.

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed for the enterprise, featuring the fully certified, Java SE standard-compliant builds, tight security, cost efficiencies, and support SLAs (the best in the industry) that you need to run today’s business-critical, Java-based services.

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