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Did you have a Black Friday that was record-setting and boring

Did you have a Black Friday that was record-setting and boring?

Dec 1, 2016 | 1 MIN READ

That was the report from one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites. They worked hard to make their holiday shopping season a success, and here’s what they reported after Black Friday 2016:

“We had an awesome and a BORING holiday. Yes, I said BORING, which is what me and my team worked really hard for. Zing worked great on all the systems. It helped us with our scaling issues on Cassandra.”

Zing has been a key factor supporting world-class shopping sites for over 10 years. As Black Friday moves online more and more, top-tier sites use Azul technologies to ensure that they deliver best-in-class shopping experiences — despite record setting demand.

Did your site struggle on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? We’re ready to help during the shopping season and throughout the rest of the year. When you need to deliver flawless executio0n and predictable performance, you have only one option for your Java-based e-commerce engine: Zing.


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