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Thank you for for your interest in jRT. The tar file includes the tool source, all documentation and an Excel spreadsheet template for generating graphs. jRT was written by Azul Systems to provide insight into network response times within Java program code, and as a complement to the jHiccup tool, which shows internal JVM latencies. Just like jHiccup, jRT is released to the public domain as explained at


Download jRT Zip filePublic domain version 0.0.1 in ZIP file format, 7/20/15. Download jRT tgz filePublic domain version 0.0.1 in .tgz file format, 7/20/15.


jRT works with any Java application, on any operating system, and with any JVM (with no code changes).  Use jRT to measure response times of Java applications as they would be experienced by an end user over a network.

For more information on how to run jRT, analyze jRT data or charts, or compare your JVM’s response times with Zing, please refer to the enclosed README file.

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