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Revised February 17, 2019

The AZUL SYSTEMS logo and the “A” design are registered trademarks of AZUL SYSTEMS. In order to protect and grow the AZUL SYSTEMS brand, we have a number of trademarks and a set of logo art that can be used to enhance, clarify or brand software and important Marketing materials built, sold, or used in Sales or Marketing activities by AZUL SYSTEMS and other affiliated companies.

It is our goal to make approved usage of AZUL SYSTEMS trademarks and logo art by partners, resellers, event management, and select customers (hereinafter YOU) possible as part of a partnership, alliance, or contract (AGREEMENT) without in any way diminishing the brand, reputation, or business of AZUL SYSTEMS.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change, and if we discover what we believe to be improper or inappropriate usage of the AZUL SYSTEMS logo or trademarks or if YOU and AZUL SYSTEMS terminate our AGREEMENT, YOU agree to take immediate action to cease usage of the AZUL LOGO and/or marks within commercially reasonable timeframes (and in no cases more than 30 days from notification by AZUL SYSTEMS) as agreed to under the terms of any AGREEMENT signed by YOU and AZUL SYSTEMS.

Azul currently holds the following registered trademarks:

  • Azul Systems
  • Azul
  • Zing
  • Zulu
  • ReadyNow!
  • Unbound Compute
  • Compute Pool Manager
  • Vega
  • The Azul “A”

Please note: Java, JVM, and OpenJDK are among the many trademarks of Oracle Corporation. Please consult the Oracle website for their usage guidelines.

When using any Azul trademark, please use the appropriate ® or ™ symbols in first use on every page. If the marks are in use on a website page, please make sure that they show properly in mainstream browsers (current versions of Windows Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox at minimum.)

Ideal trademark symbol usage in web or printed copy is once in the headline and once when the mark is used in the main text body for the first time (only). 

When displaying the AZUL SYSTEMS logo, we require that YOU follow our standard Trademark Guidelines, as outlined in this document, which may be amended by AZUL SYSTEMS without notice from time to time.

Other sizes and resolutions of the logo, some suitable for print, can be obtained by sending an email to [email protected] Additional guidelines regarding the logo’s appearance and usage are given below:

Trademark Symbol

The ® trademark symbol must always be visible and readable for the AZUL SYSTEMS Logo in any placements shown in these guidelines. You may not remove, re-scale or obfuscate the ® symbols in the AZUL SYSTEMS Logo.

Clear Space

There should be sufficient clear space around the logo. Overlapping with other logos (or repetition of the AZUL LOGO) are not permitted.

Samples and formats

The AZUL logo is supported in both horizontal and vertical formats, as shown:




Horizontal Layout


Vertical Layout


There should be sufficient clear space around the logo. Overlapping, 3D effects or animation of the AZUL logo are not permitted.

Versions of the logo are available for print or Web use.  Supported file formats include .eps, .ai, or .jpg. We have versions of the AZUL logo with a white rectangular background as well as a transparent background and a provide the AZUL LOGO in a variety of resolutions (for Web use).

For a ZIP file containing AZUL logo art, please send an email to [email protected].  

Improper Design Usage

Never Switch the Colors from those provided in art contained in the AZUL ZIP file.

Never Use the Design on Similarly-Colored Backgrounds

Never Rearrange Elements of the AZUL LOGO Design

Never Stretch or Distort the AZUL Logo

Never use the logo in a way that will show pixelation or blurriness. Angles should be sharp, colors need to be clear and consistent, and the logo should look polished and professional in its usage by YOU. If you plan to use the logo where it will be in large-scale presentations or graphics, use a vector format (ideal) or a .jpg file with sufficient resolution.

Never change the font family, leading, scale or format used in the AZUL LOGO.

Optional Usage

You may re-size the AZUL logo as appropriate – be aware that it should never be the largest logo on a web page or other materials created and/or owned by YOU, your partners or representatives (your logo should always take precedence).

You may use the logo in all white on a black or dark blue background, or in all black on a white background. You may also make use of select design elements from the Azul website (color palate, images) with the written permission of AZUL SYSTEMS Marketing only.

If you have any questions about logo usage, please send email to [email protected] and we will respond within one business day.

© Azul 2020 All rights reserved.