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Software Downloads and Documents

Begin your Zing Evaluation

To get started using Zing with your evaluation, you may choose to:

  1. use the Zing Trial system based on Yum/AptGet commands
  2. download individual Zing components and install them directly

First time evaluators may prefer the Zing Trial system so please review the Quick Start guide for Zing Trial system located on Azul.com as the Yum/AptGet steps may be easier for users new to Zing.

If you are unable to use the Zing Trial system, or are working directly with Azul staff, then you may proceed with individual Zing components and reference documents as needed. Be sure to obtain a Zing trial license key file from Azul to proceed.

Individual Software Components and Documents

To proceed with direct installation of Zing components, first review the documentation bundle, especially supported platform details and installation instructions. Then download your selection of Zing System Tools and Zing Virtual Machine(s) components appropriate for your target application environment from the links below. Finally, proceed with installation, apply your Zing license file, and configure Zing.

Zing ZST

OS PlatformOS VersionDetails
Red Hat MRG6.xDocs
Oracle Linux7.xList
 7.x (UEK kernels)List
 6.x (UEK kernels)List
SLES 12SP3/SP2/SP1List
SLES 11SP4List
Ubuntu18.04 LTSList
 16.04 LTSList
 14.04 LTSList
Amazon Linux7.xList
Amazon Linux2DKMSDocs
Container OSContainer PackageDetails
RHELDocker RPMDocs
CentOSDocker RPMDocs
SLESDocker RPMDocs
UbuntuDocker DEBDocs
CoreOSContainer Linux DEBDocs


Zing ZVM

JVMs by Java SE level

Java SEFormat
 Shell (.sh)
 Shell (.sh)



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