Free Java 8 security updates from Oracle ended in January.

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OpenJDK 12 will be shipping within a very few weeks. We’ve created a series of early access builds of the new version of OpenJDK for you to download and use. 64-bit EA builds are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

 To learn more about OpenJDK 12, start with the following:

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Download EA Builds of OpenJDK 12 here

Java versionTarget OSFile description 
12 EALinuxZulu EA builds of OpenJDK 12tgz
12 EAWindowsZulu EA builds of OpenJDK 12ZIP icon
12 EAmacOSZulu EA builds of OpenJDK 12ZIP icon


Getting started with Zulu 12 EA

Download the installation package to a reasonable location on your target system. For example:


Expand the downloaded file.

$ tar -xzvf <zulu_package>.tar.gz

All Zulu files are expanded into appropriate folders relative to the <zulu_dir>/<zulu_jdk> subfolder. For example:


For general instructions on installing and troubleshooting Zulu, please review the Zulu Installation Guide.

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