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European Java Conference Roundup

European Java Conference Roundup

Nov 30, 2017 | 5 MIN READ

Duke goes to conference

November has been a busy month, primarily because it seems that this is the most popular month to organise a European Java conference. I guess this makes sense as it’s just after JavaOne, so various new things to discuss and it’s not holiday season (Europe is untroubled by any form of Thanksgiving). It’s also late Autumn, which makes it an ideal time to spend all day in a dark room since it won’t be much different outside.

I thought it would be interesting to write up a summary of the conferences I’ve attended and my impressions.

Several common things strike me about these conferences:

  1. The number of attendees at Java conferences keeps going up, not down (except Devoxx, which is always at full capacity)
  2. The quality of the speakers and session content remains consistently high, with great variety of subjects. Although there are many of the usual suspects at these conferences (including myself), it is good to see new speakers being given the opportunity to share their passion.
  3. There is no overall ageing of attendees. This is the most significant feature since it shows that young developers are continuing to see value in Java as a skill and driving its continued adoption.

Based on this, I do not doubt that Java will continue to be the most popular development platform on the planet for the foreseeable future.

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