Webinar: Cassandra at Speed – Optimizing Performance with Zing

July 18, 2017 | Webinar

On July 18, Java Champion and Azul’s European CTO Simon Ritter will present ‘Cassandra at Speed’, a webinar on how to optimize performance of Cassandra with Zing. 

Simon will start with explaining the benefits of C4, an alternative garbage collection (GC) algorithm that provides truly pauseless memory management for Java applications, and follow with a look at the Falcon JIT compiler used in Zing to make Cassandra run even faster.

Next he’ll look at ReadyNow! which uses recorded profiles generated on a running application to almost eliminate the warm-up time often experienced with Cassandra, and he’ll conclude with a look at some performance comparisons made using the Cassandra-Stress framework between Oracle’s HotSpot JVM and Zing.

July 18, 10:00 BST/11:00 CEST  Register today!

Can’t make the date?  Register anyway, and we’ll send you the replay afterwards…

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