DZone Webinar with Simon Ritter: JDK 11 – New Features and Migration Advice

September 18, 2018 | Webinar

JDK 11 is being released just six months after JDK 10 and only a year after JDK 9.  The new JDK release cadence means improvements to the Java platform are happening in a much more incremental way.

In this September 18 webinar Azul Deputy CTO and Java Champion Simon Ritter will explore the new features in JDK 11, such as dynamic class file constants and the Epsilon garbage collector.  Simon will also look at some of the aspects of JDK 11 you should be aware of when migrating applications from earlier versions, such as JDK 8.  JDK 11 removes a number of features (such as CORBA support and Java Web Start) but will also add several new ones.  Application impact will be discussed.

Finally, JDK 11 is classified as a long-term support (LTS) release. What does this mean in practice, and should you choose this as your next JDK?

Join us to find out – click the link below…



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