Embedded Systems Conference ’17

05/03/2017 | Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, MA

Building A Brain With Raspberry Pi and Zulu Embedded JVM

Location:  160B
Date:  Wednesday, May 3
Time:  3:00pm – 3:45pm
Format: 45-Minute Technical Session
Conference Track: Advanced Technologies, Embedded Software
Session Type: Conference (Paid)
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Machine and deep learning are very hot topics in the world of IT at the moment with many projects focusing on analysing big data to make ‘intelligent’ decisions.

In this session, we’ll use a cluster of Raspberry Pis running Azul’s Zulu embedded JVM to build our very own brain. This will use a variety of programming techniques and open source libraries to emulate a brain in learning and adapting to data that is provided to it to solve problems. Since the Raspberry Pi makes connecting sensors straightforward we’ll include some of these to provide external stimulus to our artificial brain.

We’ll conclude with a demonstration of our brain in action learning and adapting to a variety of input data.

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