Java, Microservices and Cloud Meetup

3/8/2018 | Skills Matter at CodeNode 10 South Place,London, EC2M 7EB

Join us for an exciting evening with Azul, Payara and Hazelcast at the Java, Microservices & Cloud Meetup on Thursday, 8th March at Code Node with food and drinks.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from industry experts such as Steve Millidge, Technical Director at Payara, on “Moving to MicroProfile and EE4J”. Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul Systems on “The Start of a new future for Java”. And Neil Stevenson, Sr. Solution Architect at Hazelcast on “Fast Processing of Fast Moving Data”.

You’ll also get to hear an update on the latest releases of Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet.

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